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Demolition Contractors


If you are considering an overall building demolition, underground storage tank demolition, or interior demolition in the Twin Cities, MN, please contact Scheber Demolition Contractors to learn more about our demolition services. Even when internal demolition projects involve the removal of hazardous materials, our demolition contractors leave parts of the building occupied by leaving dirt, dust and debris in our work areas. Scherber demolition contractors are experienced in hazardous materials and will ensure any contaminants or contaminants are removed during a building demolition project. The goal of our demolition company is to work with clients to get projects done correctly, on budget and on time.

Through our in-house affiliates, we are able to provide additional demolition services to ensure a hassle-free customer experience. We serve contractors, individuals and government agencies with our high quality demolition services and are capable of taking on projects of any size. We work with private contractors, government agencies and private property owners to provide safe and accurate demolition, debris removal and salvage services. In addition, Scherber Co's can provide specialized services in addition to traditional demolition.


These services include asset management and salvage, renovation or decommissioning of buildings and land, and income generation. Professional residential, commercial and industrial demolition contractors excel at demolishing homes, commercial office buildings, obsolete structures, abandoned and dilapidated buildings, and buildings that need to be repurposed. This includes residential, commercial, industrial, multi-storey, selective interior and exterior demolitions. Demolition of structures, strengthening and support of buildings, partial demolition or complete dismantling of old houses and cottages - this is our work.

Scherber Co's offers a wide range of demolition services, specializing in residential and commercial demolition. With extensive experience in commercial and residential demolition, we have the skills and resources to tackle any demolition challenge. In addition to our extensive demolition knowledge and skills, we also own the best equipment in the industry. With a proven track record of achievement and excellence, we are a respected demolition construction company in Minnesota.


We provide a wide range of construction, renovation and general procurement services to suit all budgets. For every construction or renovation project, Scherber Cos aims to arrange demolition within budget and on schedule. We complete our demolition projects on time with our state of the art technology and equipment, which allows our team to complete projects efficiently and keep your project on track. we understand the importance of completing a project on time and on budget to accurately plan construction work after demolition.


With over 16 years of experience, our experts provide superior demolition services, especially for residential and commercial properties in the Twin Cities area. Scherber's success in the industry over the years has made us a trusted general demolition contractor. Our team has a demolition portfolio that spans both small and large properties. Scherber's experienced demolition team will analyze every critical factor of a proposed demolition.